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Asphalt Patching

If an asphalt surface is not properly maintained and water infiltration occurs through cracks, most likely it will result in alligator cracking and eventually pot holes. The most effective repair at this point is to remove and replace the damaged asphalt. This process consists of several important steps to ensure a proper and long lasting repair.

  • We start by saw cutting a square or rectangle pattern outside of the deteriorated area.
  • We then remove the damaged asphalt and any unsuitable base material.
  • If new base materials are needed, they are placed and compacted to ensure a solid base for the new asphalt.
  • The saw cut edges are then tacked with CSS1 Tack Oil and new asphalt is placed and compacted.

The cost of removing and replacing asphalt will vary depending on location and square footage of the repair. To avoid the expense of asphalt patching, it is very important to establish a Preventative Maintenance Program including routine crack sealing and seal coating.