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Pitch Black ® asphalt pavement sealer is a premium, proprietary polymer reinforced, high-grade,
custom rubberized pre-mixed asphalt emulsion sealcoat blended with carefully selected minerals,
fillers, and fibers, formulated specifically to produce a superior asphalt maintenance product.
Each component was selected for its unique characteristics, which when combined creates a
highly adhesive, extremely flexible seal coat with the deepest and longest lasting black color,
firmest body, and greatest durability. In addition, it is free from asbestos fibers or any other
carcinogenic materials and is non-flammable. The co-efficient of expansion and contraction of
this asphalt emulsion sealer is identical to that of asphaltic concrete pavements and has a natural
affinity for bonding to them. Pitch Black® asphalt emulsion pavement sealer is recommended for
repairs and maintenance, and the protection of existing asphalt concrete pavements such as: lowvolume
city streets, parking lots, highway shoulders, airport taxi-ways, tarmacs, aprons, bike
paths, walkways, tennis courts, schools and playgrounds, and any other asphalt pavement

Pitch Black ® asphalt pavement sealer weatherproofs porous asphalt surfaces, prohibits
penetration of water and oil, and blocks harmful ultraviolet rays by leaving a tough protective
coating on asphalt pavement surfaces. In addition, Pitch Black® asphalt pavement sealer fills
small voids, and seals in spalling particles, helping to provide a smoother surface and allow better
run-off of water.

The producers of the Pitch Black® formula have gone beyond the usual steps in specifying what
types and percentages of crude oils must be used in the asphalt emulsification process. The
asphalt emulsion used in Pitch Black® is made by adding specific, custom emulsifiers in a
process that produces a product that readily accepts minerals, fillers, and additives in seal coat
manufacturing that is so necessary to the final quality of the seal coat product. This results in a
superior asphalt seal coat with special properties giving it a hard, smooth and longer lasting

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing asphalt emulsion based sealcoat products,
and over 70 years in the asphalt industry, Pitch Black® is the leader in asphalt maintenance

*In studying product specifications it should be noted that more is not always better.
Pitch Black® asphalt sealer has been specifically formulated to provide the proper blend of
materials to create durability, a wearing surface, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Increasing one or more of the components will not necessarily improve product performance.
The specifications below are a guideline to determine the quality of Pitch Black® asphalt sealer
and to provide a mechanism by which the material can be manufactured with consistent results.

The specifications can be interpreted as follows:

A. Cone Penetration - This is the ASTM D-217 test method that determines how viscous or
thick the product is. The higher the value of cone penetration, the thinner the consistency,
whereas the lower the value, the thicker the material. A cone penetration of 400 provides a
high level of consistency.

B. Nonvolatile Components (solids content) - This is the A.S.M.A. A-1 test method that
determines the amount of material in the sealer that is of solid nature. In general, it is an
indication of how sand, asphalt, and other fillers are present in the sealer mix. A larger
number indicates a higher solids content and less water or other wetting agents.

C. Nonvolatile Soluble in Tri-Clorethylene - This is the ASTM D-2042 test method that
uses Tri-Clorethylene solvent to dissolve asphalt from the sealer solids. This test determines
how much of the solids are asphalt. Since asphalt is the glue that holds the mix together, it is
a very important part of the mix.

D. Dried Film Color - After the curing process, Pitch Black® asphalt sealer provides a deep
black color.

E. Density - The density of the product is an indication of the weight of the product per

F. Water Content - This is the ASTM D-244 test method that measures the amount of water
present in the emulsified asphalt, as distinguished from either bitumen or petroleum solvent.

G. Wet Track Abrasion - This is the ASTM D-3910 test method that covers the design,
testing, and construction mixtures for surface treatment of asphalt pavements.

H. Mineral Aggregate Components - This is the ASTM C-136 test method that covers the
determination of the particle size distribution of fine and coarse aggregates by sieving.

I. Viscosity - This is the ASTM D-562 test method that covers the measurement of Krebs
Units (KU) viscosity to evaluate the consistency of coatings using the Stormer-type

J. Accelerated Weathering - This is the Fed. Spec. TT-C-555B test method that covers
coatings having a masonry-like textured finish.

K. Resistance to Wind Driven Rain - This is the Fed. Spec. TT-C-551B test method for
the evaluation of the ability of coatings to resist the passage of water through masonry block
when exposed to water spray and air pressure.

*Pitch Black® asphalt emulsion sealcoat meets and/or exceeds the following

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.19.24 PM.png

Surface shall be clean of all dirt, sand, oil or grease. Cleaning may be by air blowing, vacuum,
mechanical sweeper, washing, or other techniques as approved by the engineer. If washing the
existing surface is used, the surface shall not have any standing water prior to application of the
sealcoat. Salt, deicing agents, fertilizers, hard water deposits and other such chemicals will
promote lack of bonding of the sealcoat to the existing surface and may require extraordinary
measures. Priming of the asphalt surface may be necessary on areas that have weathered
excessively or are heavily soiled. The primer should be diluted with 4 parts cool clean water and 1
part SS1H. Apply at the rate of 1 gallon per 100 square feet and allow drying. If in doubt, a test
area should be tried. Care should be taken not to leave a ridge of mix where adjoining
applications overlay. Cracks that are in excess of 1/8” should be cleaned and filled with a
commercial hot, rubberized crack sealant prior to sealcoat application. The crack sealant shall be
applied according to manufacturer’s recommendations and should be dry to the touch prior to
application of the sealcoat material. On hot days apply sealer to pre-dampened (not wet) surface.
Striping for parking or traffic flow should be done only after the sealcoat has thoroughly dried.

Application of Pitch Black® asphalt emulsion shall be by mechanical means using spray
equipment, distributor bar, wand, rubber faced squeegees, brooms or combinations of these
techniques that are approved by the Manufacturer and Engineer. The sealcoat being applied shall
be uniform and free flowing, free of inconsistencies. Potable water may be added at a rate of
15% - 20% by volume maximum dilution, dependent upon ambient and surface temperatures.
Asphalt emulsion sealcoat may not be applied when the ambient temperature is less than 55°F
and rising or the surface temperature is less than 60°F.


When the asphalt sealcoat is to be placed on a severely weathered pavement with either a
moderate or rough surface, the addition of silica sand and Pitch Black Polytex® additive, may be
added at the following formulation for the first coat:

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.19.36 PM.png


For best results always apply two coats, 1st coat as above, 2nd without addition of sand. In heavy
areas a 3rd coat is suggested.

Protect from freezing in the container. Protect the applied coating from rain or freezing until
completely cured. Do not apply if precipitous conditions exist or if temperatures are below 55 F.
Do not take internally. If swallowed, call physician immediately. Keep container sealed when
not in use.
Keep out of reach of children.

At 70F and 50% relative humidity, approximately 2 to 3 hours. Drying time is dependent on
temperature, humidity, air movement and thickness of application. It is recommended that no
traffic be allowed over curing film for at least 24 hours. Striping for parking or traffic flow should
be done only after seal coat has thoroughly dried. It is recommended that high quality water
based traffic line paint be used for best results.

Use clean water before emulsion has dried. Dried emulsion may be removed with petroleum

Up to one-year minimum in unopened container.

Bulk and 55 gallon drums.

“When it comes to sealcoating, we’ve got it covered!”

Pitch Black® Asphalt Emulsion and Polytex® Polymer Additives are Formulations and Registered
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