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Pitch Black®

Sealcoat Distributing is an exclusive provider in the Idaho, Montana, Northern Utah, and Wyoming for Pitch Black® sealcoating. The Pitch Black® Asphalt Emulsion formula was engineered and developed in the early 1980s. The owners of the formula have been in the asphalt rehabilitation and repair industry for three generations. With hundreds of millions of square feet of pavement being sealed with Pitch Black® every year, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most sought after, respected and well-protected formulas in the industry today. Pitch Black® can be applied on any asphalt surface including driveways, parking lots, shopping centers, malls, school playgrounds, airports, etc. It’s asbestos-free, contains no carcinogenic materials and is non-flammable. Pitch Black® is environmentally friendly and is the perfect solution to any residential, commercial or industrial asphalt project.



Non-toxic – no hazardous material placards needed.
Easy to clean up – can be cleaned up with water.
Dries quickly – you can stripe the same day.
Compatible with water-based or oil-based striping paint.
Easy to apply – can use squeegee or spray application.
Longevity – maintains a lasting deep black color.
Cost-effective – can apply to new asphalt much sooner. (complete jobs faster and more efficiently)
Availability – more states & manufacturers are turning to asphalt emulsion sealcoat.


Toxic? – considered hazardous by growing number of states & can burn skin.
Difficult to remove – cleaning requires solvent and may leave yellow stains.
Longer drying and set up time.
Not compatible with oil-based striping paint (may turn stripes brown).
Color Lightens – usually turns to blue tint in a relatively short period of time.
More Costly – must wait longer for new asphalt to cure (usually 30-90 days).
Restricted – a growing number of states are drafting legislation to restrict and/or eliminate the use of coal tar.