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When choosing an asphalt sealer, the following should be considered.

Pitch Black has recently been tested by an independent testing laboratory back east. The purpose of this testing was to reaffirm our non-hazardous claim and have a registered report on the percentage of PAH's (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) concentrations of toxins that are not in Pitch Black.

PAH's has now become a very important issue to Towns, School Districts. DOT's, States, EPA, FAA, Army Corps of Engineers and everyone interested in protecting our environment.

To pass the test whether or not a sealcoat product would be deemed having low concentrations of these toxins called PAH's, a sealer must have less than 1,000 ppm (parts per million), Coal Tar Free America lists on their website sealcoat products with their PAH's tests.

For example, as per Coal Tar Free America, the average Coal Tar PAH's are around 50,000 ppm, far too high to even come close to passing.

If you go to the Coal Tar Free America website, click on the Product PAH's tab and you will see a list of who passed this test and by how much. Equally important is who has not!

As to the test results for Pitch Black, the PAH's content was 0.00 PPM!